Great aerial footage of the Carpathian Mountains by Dragos Asaftei

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

"Flying over the Romanian Mountains" is a project realised by Dragos Asaftei and sponsored by the Romanian mineral water brand Aqua Carpatica.

Dragos Asaftei

Dragos Asaftei is a romanian blogger, photographer and videographer. He is currently involved in a range of projects aimed to promote Romania.

We have been really impressed by his work around the Carpathian Mountains and the video below should say it all. These footages are only a compression of his one year work into a three minutes and a half video.

One year of work into a video, some incredible stats:

- 9 mountains and 14 hiking trips

- 28 mountain routes and 270 kilometres walked

- 29,349 calories burned

- 8,400 photos and 800 minutes of video

- 187 drone kilometres

- 270,293 Facebook interactions with over 560,000 views on his videoclips

- over 500,000 views on his Instagram views

Now please watch this 3 minute video with aerial footages of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, and see if you want to get to know these mountains. The video was part of my inspiration to create Go Carpathians, and this is what I want the people to see with their own eyes and experience themselves.

Where can you find Dragos:

Instagram - personal account

Instagram - Over the Romanian Mouuntains Project



Youtube - Dragos Asaftei

Youtube - Romanian Mountains

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